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water project 2
The Great Underground Water Project

The Metropolitan Area Outer Underground Discharge Channel (首都圏外郭放水路) is the largest underground facility in the world to divert overflowing water from nearby rivers to prevent major flooding around the Kanto region. It is located at Kasukabe, Saitama prefecture, which is close to the border of Tokyo. The most impressive part of this facility, is the surge tank to divert the floodwater, nicknamed “The Underground Temple”. Due to the large volume of water pressure it retains during operation, each pillars weighed 500 ton and 18m tall, creating this menacing look. By comparison, human looks tiny when standing next to the pillar. When not in operation, the public can actually visit the… Read More

One of the old Kawagoe streets.
Little Edo – Kawagoe

Do you want to be transported to the Edo period? Then Kawagoe (川越) is the perfect day trip for you! Just a 30-minute train ride will take you away from the neon lights of Tokyo and back to traditional Edo Japan. There is not just one highlight to this town, but hundreds of little jewels that are just waiting to be found. Scattered with beautiful well-reserved buildings, family-owned stores and landmarks, the town oozes with authentic Japanese culture. You can stroll down the souvenir streets until your heart’s content – but don’t forget to check out ‘Candy Alley’. A Street just for Japanese sweets and treats – and most for… Read More