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Zombie Apocalypse in Universal Studios Japan

With all the hype about The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in USJ, here’s another reason why you should pay USJ a visit with Halloween just around the corner. Once the clock strikes six in the evening, Halloween Horror Night begins and the jovial atmosphere transforms into an eerie, unnerving one. Lights are dimmed and zombies starts roaming the streets. They chase after the visitors from time to time, sending women running and screaming in fright. They do usually stop short of body contact though so if you can conquer your fear of having a blood-stained zombie running after you with a chainsaw roaring behind, you’ll do fine. On the… Read More

Fresh baked Cheese Tart Pablo

During my visit to Osaka with friends recently, we happened to pass through this famous fresh baked cheese tart shop named Pablo (パブロ). Apparently, this Pablo chain in Dotonbori-street just opened at 27th June 2014. Despite the fact that it is still kinda new in that area, it has already become a trend in Japan where everyone visiting Dotonbori-street is going to have a taste at their great tart! The shop have a great atmosphere and the price is considered cheap for a fresh baked cheese tart which tasted so good! Plain cheese tart priced at 680 Yen. Other flavor like matcha (green tea), chocolate, chocobanana, cinnapple, and berry flavored… Read More