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Relaxing with the Sardines at the Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium

I have been to Osaka’s Kaiyukan Aquarium and Okinawa’s Churaumi thus far and Nagoya’s Aquarium is definitely my favourite! It not only features a lot of adorable marine mammals but the shows are really something too! The view that greets you when you step in is just impressive. Sacchi (orca) swirling around in one corner and dolphins actively swimming around with the young in another aquarium nearby and there are beluga whales at the other corner. Do, DO check out the sardine performance! They put on this soothing, dreamy music and drop bags of food here and there, and use the light reflecting off the sardine’s bodies to create this… Read More

“The chopped chili peppers are dancing with the noodles. Hot!!!”
Ramen Time: Having Taiwan Ramen in Japan?

The first time I came to Nagoya and saw a restaurant with a sign outside that said “Taiwan Ramen”, my first reaction was “I didn’t know there is a thing called Taiwan ramen”. You have to be sceptical when you see a Chinese food in Japan with a dish that you have never heard of, or when you see a cuisine that is named after an entire country. Such like Americanized Chinese food, the Chinese food here are rarely genuinely Chinese, even at restaurants managed by Chinese people. More about that in another article (stay tuned!). The Taiwanese noodles I am very familiarized with are the Taiwanese beef noodles, but… Read More

Tasty looking tebasaki
Tebasaki, Nagoya’s comfort food

One of the most delicious delights that’s not raw in Japan is a concoction found in Nagoya – the Tebasaki (手羽先) . Marinated, deep fried and stupendously tasty, these chicken wingtips are a staple of the region and have been made famous nationwide by popular food chains, Yamachan and Furaibo. They make great appetizers and can be eaten quickly. A lot of establishments around the area offer their own versions of Tebasaki but if you really want to try one then your first choice should be Yamachan’s. They have a lot of branches scattered throughout the city and there’s a mighty high chance you would bump into one. A serving… Read More