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Hozu-gawa Boat Ride in Kyoto

Hozu-gawa Kudari (保津川下り) is a 16km 2 hour boat ride down Hozu River through a twisting gorge and scenic views. The boats land on the river bank just short of the Togetsu Bridge in Arashiyama where you can continue immersing yourself in a traditional Japan atmosphere. Hozu-gawa Boat Ride is best enjoyed during the cherry blossom viewing season or when the autumn leaves are at their peak. It can also be a sight to behold in the winter after a snowfall. The boatmen let you try paddling if you want at certain parts of the river they deem safe. It is a long ride but you can always quench your… Read More

Getting Around Kyoto by Bus

Hoping to catch as many sights as possible in one day without having to spend too much on transportation? Get a Kyoto City Bus One-Day Pass for 500 yen! Kyoto’s bus system is excellent and covers most of the main sightseeing attractions. Do grab a bus route map from the Bus Information Center located just outside of Kyoto Station before hopping onto one. The pass can be bought from machines nearby. Click here(front) and here(back) for pdf of the bus route map provided by Kyoto city for sightseeing. Here are some useful bus guide (PDF) provided by Kyoto Municipal Transportation Bureau. Kyoto Bus Navi Kyoto Bus Network Map Here are… Read More