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The Robotics Club
Starting Afresh at Kosen, National Institute of Technology

Did you know that there’s an education system in Japan that caters for young engineers exists? The National College of Technology (国立高等専門学校), or the highly preferable abbreviation, Kōsen (高専) is rumored to have backed the Japanese Restoration after World War II, which in my terms sounds so amazing. Jittery young enthusiasts are recruited every year indiscrimately after graduating from Junior High School. A little backstory to this, “Japan was in ruins after the big war and it needed a handful of engineers. Kōsen was drafted to raise young engineers as the country’s main workforce regardless of personal backgrounds. So, each and every prefecture has its own national college.” The college… Read More

Fresh sushi from the sea
Sushi Haven of Ibaraki, Nakaminato

Nakaminato (那珂湊) is well-known for its fresh seafood and serves as a hub for the sushi-goers in Ibaraki. A wharf extends to the sea for the ferrying ships to anchor close to the cement platform. The fishes brought onshore are transported directly to the fish market, just a few feet away. Sights of haggling customers walking around freely in the fish market and bargaining for a good price is something you don’t get to see often in Japan. What’s even more interesting is the fact that the sushi restaurants by the sea have a well hidden secret that no outsiders know of. News about illegal whaling activity carried out by… Read More

The Red Bushes Kochia
The Red Wonder, Hitachi Seaside Park

Many might think that the Hitachinaka Seaside Park (ひたちなか海浜公園) is just another offshoot of Alice in Wonderland. In reality, this park has more to offer that will make your visit awesome. Located just a few miles from Katsuta Station, lies a magnificent and beautiful park that quietly sits opposite the ocean. Borrowing elements from the Western Orchards, it houses a wide spectrum of seasonal flora. Red bushes, also known as the Mexican Fireweed or Kochia (コキア) in Japanese, turn red in October every year. Covering an area of 350 hectares, the Hitachinaka Seaside Park (ひたちなか海浜公園) is five times the size of Tokyo Disneyland. The green colored bushes are traditionally harvested… Read More

The giant Buddha statue of Ushiku.
Ushiku Daibutsu 牛久大仏

Despite being the third tallest Buddha statue in the world, this statue seems to be one of Japan’s well-hidden secrets. Towering over the countryside town, Ushiku, Ibaraki-ken, the Buddha weighs in at 4,003 tons and stands 120 meters tall – double that of The Statue of Liberty. The Daibutsu (Buddha) is surrounded by nature – fields of flowers, bonsai trees and rivers. You can take a stroll through these parks with some delicious Matcha Ice cream and see the Buddha peeping over the trees. Not only can you gape in awe at the Buddha from the outside – you can go inside too. You enter the Buddha to a pitch… Read More