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The Red Bushes Kochia
The Red Wonder, Hitachi Seaside Park

Many might think that the Hitachinaka Seaside Park (ひたちなか海浜公園) is just another offshoot of Alice in Wonderland. In reality, this park has more to offer that will make your visit awesome. Located just a few miles from Katsuta Station, lies a magnificent and beautiful park that quietly sits opposite the ocean. Borrowing elements from the Western Orchards, it houses a wide spectrum of seasonal flora. Red bushes, also known as the Mexican Fireweed or Kochia (コキア) in Japanese, turn red in October every year. Covering an area of 350 hectares, the Hitachinaka Seaside Park (ひたちなか海浜公園) is five times the size of Tokyo Disneyland. The green colored bushes are traditionally harvested… Read More