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Living room with tatami flooring
Luxurious Stay at a Budget Price in Takayama -Shiki Resort Hida Takayama Sou –

Accommodation in Japan can be pricey and costs at least ¥5000 per person if you want to stay in a hotel. The rooms are spotless but often too small. I like to keep my accommodation expenses to minimum when I go traveling because after all, you’re just going to sleep and leave early in the morning. But then there are times when you do want to have a relaxing stay and to those special days, I give you Shiki Resort Hotel. Shiki Resort’s (四季娯楽部, Shiki Gorakubu) concept is to offer resort experience at a reasonable price by cutting off excessive services. The one I stayed at this time is Hida… Read More

Takayama, the Japanese old town

Takayama (高山) is famous for its Old Town, a preserved area near Takayama Station. The streets are flanked with beautiful Japanese buildings dating back to Edo Period. It is a small area and can be easily covered on foot. Takayama is a popular half-day trip to combine with Shirakawa-go. Most stands at Miyagawa morning market sell farm products and crafts. Ducks floating gently in the clear river withe big golden carps swimming in it is definitely not a sight you can find in the cities. The otousan (お父さん, father) at the gassho-zukuri farmhouse we spent the night at told us that the grandmothers would make sarubobo by the irori (hearth)… Read More