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Japanese-style dolls
Furusato Matsuri

Furusato Matsuri ( ふるさと祭り ) is a very traditional festival held in mid-January every year inside the Tokyo Dome stadium. You will be able to see many traditional dance performances and taste many local Japanese foods. It’s an all-in-one experience because food companies and dance performers from all over Japan will gather here to sell their products or to perform their arts. It’s definitely an eye-opening experience for everyone who doesn’t have the chance to travel around Japan. If you are looking for nice traditional Japanese souvenirs, you may find some interesting stuffs here in Furusato Matsuri (Festivals of the Hometowns). Here is some information on how to get to… Read More

Pokemon is still one of the most beloved by Japanese people.
Character masks at Japanese Festival

It is very common to see especially in the traditional summer festivals children and young people wearing plastic masks of their favorite characters. Of course the characters are usually traditional or fads at the time. From manga or anime characters to legendary figures.

A seller preparing the customer order.

The “Kumade” is a type of ornament that is sold at the festival “Tori no ichi” and serve to pray for prosperity. Sellers are lively and celebrate each sale singing and clapping. These Kumade are decorated with many gold and silver details, and there are also various sizes and prices. The truth is that everyone is beautiful and makes you want to buy them all, but unfortunately are usually quite expensive. Although this festival is celebrated throughout Japan, in the district of Asakusa is performed the most famous and crowded, attended by thousands of people seeking their good fortune.