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Bunny Cafe

▶ Cat cafe is here At first I thought there would be bunnies hopping around the shop, kind of like how cats roam around freely in cat cafes. But I guess bunnies are too fragile to be left outside; they were all in cages. I know how bunnies can be smelly but surprisingly the shop does not have any trace of smell. *applause* In this particular shop I went, I get to snuggle the bunnies I like each for 10 minutes. Lion lop – the perfect combi of cute ears from the lop eared rabbit and the fluffy fur from the lion breed. The shop doubles as a bunny cafe… Read More

The big guys
Owl Cafe

▶ Cat cafe is here Besides cat cafes, owl cafes are slowly popping up in Japan as well. The shop I went to is called “Fukurou ni Aeru Mise -「Fuwa Fuwa」” (フクロウに会える店「ふわふわ」) which means “The shop where you can meet owls「fluffy」). I suppose every shop has different systems. For this shop, it was 1500yen for one hour – for the first 10 minutes, the staff brief on how to pat the owls and whatnots, next 40 minutes you can take pictures, pat, and put them on your hand/shoulder/head as many times as you want, and last 10 minutes pictures only and no touching as the owls need a break before… Read More