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Relaxing with the Sardines at the Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium

I have been to Osaka’s Kaiyukan Aquarium and Okinawa’s Churaumi thus far and Nagoya’s Aquarium is definitely my favourite! It not only features a lot of adorable marine mammals but the shows are really something too! The view that greets you when you step in is just impressive. Sacchi (orca) swirling around in one corner and dolphins actively swimming around with the young in another aquarium nearby and there are beluga whales at the other corner. Do, DO check out the sardine performance! They put on this soothing, dreamy music and drop bags of food here and there, and use the light reflecting off the sardine’s bodies to create this… Read More

Mountain dyed in different shades of red and orange
Kourankei Valley -Top Autumn Leaves Viewing Spot in Central Region –

With momiji (maple leaves) viewing season coming upon us, I feel like I just have to introduce this gem in Aichi prefecture – Kourankei (香嵐渓). Kourankei has more than 4,000 momiji trees and is reputed as the best spot for autumn leaves viewing in the Central Region and rightly so. In my opinion, it is definitely nicer than the famed autumn leaves viewing in Kyoto because I think autumn leaves viewing is best enjoyed with a stroll along the river and a picnic in natural setting. The night light-up should not be missed as it offers a drastically different view from the day. It begins after the sun sets until… Read More