Cup Ramen


Cup ramens

Surely cup ramen is the kind of fast food consumed by Japanese people when they want to eat something hot quickly or just do not want to cook. Common flavors such as Shoyu (soy sauce) or Miso can be found easily, while some less common flavors including Kimchi, Cheese Curry can be found during a limited period of time.


These are the steps to follow to enjoy a cup ramen.

The method of use is as follows:

  • Open the lid a little, empty the ingredients in the small packages (usually the sauce and seasonings) into the container.
  • Pour boiled water into the container to the indicated mark, which covers almost everything.
  • Close the lid and wait for 3~5 minutes (time varies depending on the ramen) before eating.
  • When the waiting is done, you may start eating.
  • Some cup ramen comes with dried condiments such as wakame (seaweed) or shrimp bits. Make sure don’t forget them too!


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