How to decoration on the day of Hinamatsuri

This is the complete decoration of seven steps with all the dolls and accessories.

The Emperor and Empress are the main characters.

On March 3rd is the festivity of girls in Japan, called Hinamatsuri 雛祭.
In this celebration of prosperity and good health of the daughters is desired. The most important decorative element consists of a showcase with up to seven levels in the form of steps in which different dolls represent an imperial court of the Heian era, which may consist of emperors (essential) and the rest of the cutting, such as maids, musicians, ministers or officials. Sure the girls want to play with these dolls, but unfortunately are just for decoration.

There is great variety of prices, usually quite expensive due to its detailed elaboration.

The most basic decoration represents emperors. The kimonos and complements are beautiful.

This decoration is given by the grandparents the first time a girl celebrates this holiday. This decoration is installed from mid-February and has to be removed after March 3rd as it believes it can bring bad luck if left more days.
In many shops, especially in shopping centers, this type of decorations for sale is exposed, and actually ends up looking like a visit a museum by the amount of variety, beauty and fascination that transmits this type of decoration. Really price is very high, but keep in mind that these decorative elements are often handmade and the attention to detail, like the elaborate kimonos.


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