Toyota City Showcase

This is the main entrance to the Toyota City Showcase

The facilities are very spacious with two floors.

In Odaiba, Tokyo, we can visit the facilities of the car manufacturer Toyota where we can see the latest car models and do some amazing activities.

A good way to see the technology including cars.

Racing cars are spectacular.

One of the most fun activities, virtually drive a car in various locations.

In some of these facilities the latest cars of Toyota are displayed, and we can receive counseling from technology including in their cars. We can also see racing cars and even futuristic prototypes.

This small prototype car can be very useful in the city.

The remote control car racing attracts many spectators.

Several dozen people can enjoy together in this amusement ride.

But more surprising is that we can try a gaming machine in which we can drive a car virtually and test security systems used by Toyota in their cars.
We can also participate in a competition of remote control cars, and even getting on an attraction where on a big screen we see the risky journey of a car while our seats are moving like we were in the car, as if we were in a amusement park.
Visit Toyota City Showcase is a fun experience, plus admission is free.


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