Rice sold in big sacks.

Sacks of rice are very visible and easy to find in stores.

In the daily diet of Japanese rice is a staple, so in stores best selling quantities are 5 and 10 kilograms.

Sacks of 5 and 10 kg are most often sold.

These heavy sacks of rice have different prices depending on the origin of rice and quality. If we are lucky we can find offers that even for a 1000 yen can buy a sack of 5 kilograms, but if we want more quality the price can vary greatly.

Machines for cooking rice can be simpler and cheaper or more modern and expensive.

Together with miso soup can accompany any meal.

Certainly to cook rice in this way every day is very convenient as with miso soup can accompany any meal or as part of a main dish like omoraisu オムライス, curry カレー or sushi 寿司 for example.
As the Japanese eat much rice is normal in every home has a rice machine for making quick and easy white rice, in Japanese called “Gohan 御飯”.


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