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Make-up is part of the Japanese women’s daily life and they would go as far as to wear a mask when they are not wearing any make-up. They emphasize most on the eye make-up and there are tons of innovative products to help make their eyes look bigger.
One of the products which emerged recently that managed to surprised me (which is really something since I have been living in Japan for 6 years) is the eye-bag maker (涙袋, namida bukuro). The Japanese came to realised that most of their kawaii Japanese idols and models mostly have eyebags underneath. Not the panda, lack-of-sleep kind of eye-bag mind you. I’m talking about that thin layer of bulge under the eye that helps in making the eye look bigger and more innocent. In Japanese they have two distinct names to differentiate these two – ‘namida-bukuro’ (literally translates as tear-bag) for the cute one and ‘me no shita no kuma’ (literally translates as the panda underneath the eyes).


Here are the more common products – fake eyelashes. You can see many 16~25 years old women using them. The women who are doing financially better will eventually go for eyelash extensions.


Here’s some natural-looking fake eyelashes.
Other eye enhancing goodies includes special glue and stickers to make double eyelids.


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