Furusato Matsuri

Furusato Matsuri ( ふるさと祭り ) is a very traditional festival held in mid-January every year inside the Tokyo Dome stadium. You will be able to see many traditional dance performances and taste many local Japanese foods. It’s an all-in-one experience because food companies and dance performers from all over Japan will gather here to sell their products or to perform their arts.
It’s definitely an eye-opening experience for everyone who doesn’t have the chance to travel around Japan.

A variety of food stalls from other prefectures in Japan

A traditional performance on stage

A close-up view of the performance

A traditional dance

If you are looking for nice traditional Japanese souvenirs, you may find some interesting stuffs here in Furusato Matsuri (Festivals of the Hometowns).

A miniature of the Journey to the West story

Traditional Japanese decorations

Japanese-style dolls

View of the Tokyo Dome at night

Here is some information on how to get to Tokyo Dome City.


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