Happy Bag

This fashion accessories store offers 7 items inside the Happy Bag.

Normally stores offer different types of Happy Bags with different prices depending on the items inside.

At last he has started 2015 and have also started the sales in Japan. Shopping centers are crowded with Japanese people who wants to buy cheap articles they desire. A fun way to buy at this time are the Lucky Bags, also called Happy Bags, Fukubukurou 福袋in Japanese.

In this shoes store is important to choose the Happy Bag with the appropriate foot size.

Makeup Happy Bags are highly desired by women.

These bags contain items with a value much higher than the price of these bags are sold, so sometimes it’s normal to see people queuing to buy some bags in some stores. Sometimes we don’t know the exact contents of the bags, and that’s also an added excitement, but generally included items are shown to customers.

 Even donut shops offer Happy Bags.

Any type of store offers these Lucky and Happy Bags, such as clothing stores, makeup, shoes, household items … or even food stores.


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