Make Full Use of Tokyo Disneyland’s Fast Pass

Since this is my first post, I am going to start with something I’m obsessed with after I came to Japan. Their food and fashion is not the only thing I love about Japan! Another reason I enjoy staying here is… *drum rolls* …Disneyland! With their beautiful landscape and variety of fun rides, Disneyland is the place where I sometimes would go on weekends to squeeze out all the stress I had after five torturous days in college.

Of course some people would rant about how expensive the ticket is and yes, I agree but the good thing being a student is that you could get a discount on the ticket during certain event. Just show your ‘photogenic’ student card during payment and poof, you will get yourself a discount. You can get your ticket from the convenient store like Family Mart and Lawson but I would recommend you to buy it straight from the Disney Store. Why? Well, if you buy it from Lawson, you still need to queue at the ticket counter to switch the ticket you have into the original Disney ticket before entering the park. While Disney Store will provide you with the original ticket so you can just straightly enter the park like a boss.

A Disney geek like me would pay 50,000 yen for the yearly passport so I could go there whenever I want and getting myself discounts on some Disney goodies.

Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disneyland

The Original Disney ticket

The Original Disney ticket

Let’s head on to the rides. There are kiddie rides, adults…you name it but queuing to board a 5-minute ride could go for 2-3 hours and you will end up getting agitated, sweaty and pissed. Here comes the solution. Have you heard about ‘FAST PASS’? If you don’t then let me tell you.

Fast Pass is a fast ticket where you don’t need to queue for hours to a specific attraction. You can buy it beforehand online (which I have never done it before) or you can also get it for free just by scanning your Disney entrance ticket barcode onto the Fast Pass machine at the designated attraction. How cool is it to cut other people’s line like a boss legally? Fast Pass only works in limited time so please be careful and don’t miss your scheduled time for your ride.

Fast Pass is very limited so I would advice you to run for your specific attraction Fast Pass machine once you entered the park. That is when the map would be very helpful for Disneyland beginners. Of course, Disney geek like me had it all memorized in the head. (Insert dancing emoji).

Fast Pass ticket has time scheduled

Fast Pass ticket has time scheduled

I want to go but how? Just search for Maihama station (舞浜駅). It would probably take you only 17 minutes from Tokyo station via Keiyou Line. Walk out of the station and a big arrow sign will guide you to Disneyland. Don’t worry people because Maihama Station is practically next to Disneyland so you won’t get lost. My next post will be about Disney Sea. Wait, what? There are two Disney parks in Tokyo? I know right! How cool is that? Disney RULES!

Link: Tokyo DisneyLand official website (English)

Guest post by Anis.


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  1. Anthea

    You mentioned in the article that the Fastpass can be purchased, may I know where can I purchase it? Thanks.


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