Go! Go! Curry!

There are lots of curry shop in Japan. But inside all of them, my favourite is GO!GO!CURRY! ( Yeah, seriuosly, funky name they have. )

Fried chicken fillet with wiener topping

Fried chicken fillet with wiener topping

Like many other curry shop, GO!GO!CURRY!’s main menu is katsu curry ( curry rice with fried pork fillet or chicken fillet on top). But what make it so special is their style of serving:

You eat using a fork, not spoon or chopstick or knife.

Maybe I should say it is a spoon-shaped-fork. (?) It work as a fork and as a spoon at the same time. To make it so that you can eat with a fork, their curry is very deep in flavour and is very thick. Another main point of their curry is that it served together with shredded cabbage. If you want more of this shredded cabbage, you can always ask for more without paying extra! (Kyabetsu Tabehoudai)

Another shot from different angle

Another shot from different angle

Oh, not to mention if you have a big appetize, you can try out the Major Curry which you get to taste all the topping. Which included fried chicken fillet, fried pork fillet, deep fried shrimps, and hot dogs! ( I had never ordered one because the serving is really too big! )

Major Curry!!

Major Curry!!

And they also have this 2.5kg curry which you can eat it for free if you can finish it within 30 minutes, which usually limited to only 5 serving per day!

Go!Go!Curry website


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