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Machines for cooking rice can be simpler and cheaper or more modern and expensive.
Rice sold in big sacks.

In the daily diet of Japanese rice is a staple, so in stores best selling quantities are 5 and 10 kilograms. These heavy sacks of rice have different prices depending on the origin of rice and quality. If we are lucky we can find offers that even for a 1000 yen can buy a sack of 5 kilograms, but if we want more quality the price can vary greatly. Certainly to cook rice in this way every day is very convenient as with miso soup can accompany any meal or as part of a main dish like omoraisu オムライス, curry カレー or sushi 寿司 for example. As the Japanese eat… Read More


Kurashiki (倉敷) used to be an old merchant town and its canal is still beautifully preserved to this day. Perfect for a day trip, the tourist spots are all within walkable distance from Kurashiki train station. There’s a tourist information counter just nearby the station where you can get a map of this little city in Okayama and even ask the staff to draw you a nice walking route to enjoy all the main sights. The staff are also more than happy to recommend you restaurants that serve the famous local delicacies. Ivy Square is a complex of buildings covered in ivy. I went in early spring so the ivy… Read More

This shop uses a whole shelf just for sweets-flavored tea.
Sweet flavored green tea

Tea is the most popular drink in Japan, so it’s no wonder they also apply as a taste for sweets. We can find any sweet than we imagine flavored green tea, in Japanese called “Matcha, 抹茶”: Ice cream, pancakes, donuts, cookies … Any sweet flavored tea is delicious, even if you do not like drinking tea. Curiously, sometimes we can find famous sweets that have made their version flavored tea as KitKat, Crunch, etc.

The shape of Taiyaki is bream.
Taiyaki – sweet fish in Japan

In Japan there are many traditional sweets, and one of the most famous and delicious is certainly the Taiyaki. It really is a simple sweet, as it is just a pancake in which inside traditionally puts azuki, a sweet paste made with red beans, although we can find other types of fillings. Normally there are small shops that produce this sweet, and sometimes we can find roadside stands. Ideally eaten piping hot when it is freshly made. Really taste is delicious, and in the winter is a good way to get your hands warm while you eat.

As winter approaches, nothing beats a simmering hot pot to warm your body .Must try it when you go to Yamanashi!!
Houtou in Yamanashi

Have you heard about houtou(ほうとう)? [ Info from wikipudia]” It is a popular regional dish originating from Yamanashi, Japan made by stewing flat udon noodles and vegetables (specially pumpkin) in miso soup. Though houtou is commonly recognized as variant of udon, locals don not consider it to be an udon dish because the dough is prepared in the style of dumplings rather than noodles.” If you`ve ever been to the Mt.Fuji area, you`ve no doubtfully seen or tried the houtou there. There are several restaurants which serve this dish and the one that I have been is Houtou Fudou( ほうとう不動 ) at 東恋路店. Houtou Fudoh has three branches and the one… Read More