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Jose from Barcelona is working as a photo & video editor.

Generally these drinks are not cheap.
Energetic and vitamin drinks

Japanese workers, especially the salary man, are characterized by spend many hours a day to their works, so it is normal looking for some kind of energetic or vitamin supplement to help them take the necessary forces their jobs required. Of course also students or athletes consume it to try to improve their performance. In stores where drinks are sold, especially convenience stores and supermarkets, is normal to find a shelf devoted specifically to these beverages and are also present in the vending machines. That means in Japan should be consumed daily hundreds of thousands of these drinks. There are many types and flavors, but usually are present in small… Read More

The posters of these car parks are very striking to make it easier to be seen by drivers.
Parking payment time.

If traveling by car in Japan and want to park it, we cannot do it in the street and we have to find some parking. Although there are many types of parking, some very modern buildings automated, usually we can find a few small car parks spaces anywhere. It is clear that insufficient space in Japan causes is fully exploited. Payment operation is provided by fractions of time, usually for every 30 minutes, one hour, several hours, more or less expensive depending on the time of day or night.

Everyone is excited to cross here when visiting Tokyo.
The famous Shibuya crossing

Shibuya crossing is one of the most emblematic places in Tokyo. Every day thousands of Japanese and foreigners wait until the light turns green to cross in all directions, a strange chaos of people walking that can only be enjoyed in Shibuya with flashy lights billboards and giant television screens that decorate the fronts of buildings. Also in that same crossing there is a statue of the famous dog Hachikou ハチ公, and throughout the day tourists taking pictures for a souvenir. The story of Hachiko is well known and sad at the same time. Every day Hachiko accompanied his owner to the station and waited until he returned. But one… Read More

This is the main entrance to the Toyota City Showcase
Toyota City Showcase

In Odaiba, Tokyo, we can visit the facilities of the car manufacturer Toyota where we can see the latest car models and do some amazing activities. In some of these facilities the latest cars of Toyota are displayed, and we can receive counseling from technology including in their cars. We can also see racing cars and even futuristic prototypes. But more surprising is that we can try a gaming machine in which we can drive a car virtually and test security systems used by Toyota in their cars. We can also participate in a competition of remote control cars, and even getting on an attraction where on a big screen… Read More

Of course all the taxis are very clean and seem well maintained.
Colorful taxis in Japan.

In Japan there are taxis of all the colors that we can imagine; black, white, green, yellow, orange … are normally stationed at taxi ranks, especially near train stations, and it is unusual to find a taxi available in the street we can request their services. The funny thing is that when yougoing to get a taxi, the left rear door opens and closes automatically, so you better not get too close to not being hit.