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The Emperor and Empress are the main characters.
How to decoration on the day of Hinamatsuri

On March 3rd is the festivity of girls in Japan, called Hinamatsuri 雛祭. In this celebration of prosperity and good health of the daughters is desired. The most important decorative element consists of a showcase with up to seven levels in the form of steps in which different dolls represent an imperial court of the Heian era, which may consist of emperors (essential) and the rest of the cutting, such as maids, musicians, ministers or officials. Sure the girls want to play with these dolls, but unfortunately are just for decoration. This decoration is given by the grandparents the first time a girl celebrates this holiday. This decoration is installed… Read More

Inuyama Castle – Oldest of its Kind

Inuyama castle sits calmly at the peak of a hill, staring down at the Kiso River that divides between Aichi Prefecture and Gifu prefecture. This little 4-floors high castle is a Japan National Treasure and also a favourite for many Japanese-history enthusiasts for the important reason: Inuyama castle is the oldest standing castle in Japan. Built in the year of 1440, this castle in the Aichi prefecture was constructed by the Nobunaga family. While many other castles in Japan got destroyed in natural disasters and got rebuilt, Inuyama castle survived through several centuries and continues to stand tall on the 88-meters high hill with its original wood and stones. Interestingly,… Read More

“Bonus Protip: if you see the discount sticker cart without the manager, you are probably too late.”
Supermarket Discounts – 5 Simple Tips

If you have read my previous article on Supermarket Discounts – Pre-Expiration Sales, you would have learned that there are people who take advantage of the late-night discount to purchase food at 50% off and save a good amount of on daily food budget. Here are 5 simple tips to get your get a step ahead other shoppers when hunting for discounted items so you can go home with a fried-pork-cutlet bento instead of having four rice-balls for dinner. 1. Bee-line straight to destination Experienced shoppers know to head straight to what they came for, especially when the discounted good would not wait around. Rather than wondering around other sections… Read More

The satisfaction that comes from a receipt of all 50% Off items is priceless…. Actually it’s half-price.
Supermarket: Pre-Expiration Sales

It’s a very strange thing to admit to, but I love supermarkets. They have everything I need in order to survive. From fresh local produce to luxurious Japanese beef. From cheap imported canned food to toilet paper. From snacks for human beings to treats for pets. There is so much to see and purchase that each new supermarket I discover automatically becomes a destination to visit. My first and favourite department to visit is the Deli corner. Since I’m not much of a good cook and somewhat of a busy person, food ready to go and be consumed help out a lot. All-time favourites like Tonkatsu (fried pork chop) and… Read More

As winter approaches, nothing beats a simmering hot pot to warm your body .Must try it when you go to Yamanashi!!
Houtou in Yamanashi

Have you heard about houtou(ほうとう)? [ Info from wikipudia]” It is a popular regional dish originating from Yamanashi, Japan made by stewing flat udon noodles and vegetables (specially pumpkin) in miso soup. Though houtou is commonly recognized as variant of udon, locals don not consider it to be an udon dish because the dough is prepared in the style of dumplings rather than noodles.” If you`ve ever been to the Mt.Fuji area, you`ve no doubtfully seen or tried the houtou there. There are several restaurants which serve this dish and the one that I have been is Houtou Fudou( ほうとう不動 ) at 東恋路店. Houtou Fudoh has three branches and the one… Read More